Mobile Friendly

mobile optimizationHas your website been designed to be Mobile Friendly? Most people never leave home without their mobile phone, so your website needs to be mobile friendly right now.  (And not just mobile responsive).

Do people feel comfortable when they arrive at your website while using their mobile phone?

Or do they feel like leaving, before they even start looking at what you have to offer?

Many companies are already catering to mobile consumers, by offering direct updates via text, mobile apps and mobile optimised websites.

Over 50% of your prospective clients will be accessing the Internet from their mobile phones.

Your Customers Are Mobile, So Your Website Needs To Be Too!

You’ll capture a bigger piece of the mobile pie before it gets eaten up by your competitors.

Find out if your website is mobile friendly by entering your website address into your mobile phone, and checking your site against the following checklist:

  1. Can you easily read the text on screen, without scrolling left or right or zooming in or out?
  2. Does your site load quickly? (Turn off your Wireless WiFi, and switch to the 3G or 4G Data Plan on your phone, to simulate the lower transfer speeds of most mobile networks.)
  3. Can you see all the important and core content of your site in one or two screen views?
  4. Can you quickly get to different pages, and find what you’re looking for?

You can also test your website on our Mobile Test page by clicking here

If you answered NO to any of these questions, your website has NOT been designed to be viewed on a mobile device, and you need Pattaya People Internet to fix this problem for you.

The latest growth in mobile internet use, suggests by this time next year in 2017, about 50% of internet users will only access the web from their smart phones.

Does your website welcome mobile users with open arms, or does it shoo them away, never to return again?

What’s the difference between a Desktop and a Mobile Website?

A mobile website caters to mobile device capabilities with features like:

  • Scaled down, easy to read content with simplified navigation
  • Mobile specific landing pages without flash, huge images, or unplayable videos
  • Clear Calls to Action at the top of the mobile site so the user doesn’t have to scroll
  • Touch friendly interface with buttons large enough to click on with your fingertip
  • Images with “alt tags” just in case the page is slow to load

Engage Your Customers Wherever They Are!

“The #1 reason for using a Mobile Device for a local business search is because shoppers want information fast, they’re on the move and they’re ready to buy. Right Now!

Is your Website ready and able to conduct business with your mobile visitors?

If Not, When Do You Want To Get Started?

We understand the needs of your mobile visitors, and we’re able to create the perfect mobile website for your business. Call 038427585 now for a free consultation with Pattaya People Internet today.